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What is Full Glass Coverage?

The full glass coverage is exactly as it sounds, if you have a glass loss your deductible is zero.

We had a customer who had some long metal pipes in the back of his truck. He was taking them out and unfortunately one went through the rear window. Oops.

He had a $500 comprehensive deductible with the full glass coverage endorsement. The new window cost him nothing,

If he did not have the full glass endorsement the window would have cost him $500. Needless to say, he was glad he purchased that endorsement.

The cost of the full glass coverage is about a 10% increase in the comprehensive deductible.

In addition, you are more likely to have a glass loss more than any other loss. There are a lot of stones that are on the road. And in the summer months there is an increase in the number of trucks hauling stones.

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